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Agoria Digital Society Awards 2022: and the nominees are…

Opal Solutions and CHU Saint-Pierre are proud to announce our nomination for the Agoria Digital Society Awards in the eHealth category with our Interneo internship management platform. The presentation of the results will take place on December 1st, we will of course keep you informed of the results.

We would like to thank all our collaborators (hospitals and schools) with whom we have been working for many years and who allow us to continue to improve the daily life of healthcare personnel.

Nursing staff have been under pressure for years and do not have enough time to optimally care for patient. This staff spends ⅓ of their work time on tasks far from the patient, such as computer coding.

Opal Solutions brings a solution to give back “patient time” to the nursing staff. Our ten years of experience in the hospital sector allow us to provide digital tools adapted to the daily life of caregivers.

Infirmiere et enfant

Return “patient time” to the nursing staff.


By measuring the workload of the nursing staff, Careboard provides a real decision-making aid, while facilitating communication between the various actors in the hospital.

  • Real-time activity monitoring

  • A tool for managers and nurses

More informations about Careboard
Staff management
Centralized view of activities
& collaboration
Quality of
work life


Our internship management platform for nurses facilitates collaboration between coordinators, supervisors and students. Leave room for the essentials: training and mentoring future talent.

  • Direct communication between hospitals and schools

  • 80% reduction in administrative tasks

More informations about Interneo


Formeo simplifies and optimizes the organization of training courses, their registration and evaluation. It also offers a mapping of the skills of the members of the department in order to allocate the right person, at the right time, to the right place.

  • Save time in the organization

  • Digitalization and centralization of information

More informations about Formeo
Skills mapping
Statistics et reportings
Easy communication
Digital evaluations
and registrations

Solutions created for security.

Health data is particularly critical and requires enhanced protection.

This confidential data and privacy is respected and protected in Careboard and Interneo.

Our softwares are…

Designed to meet the requirements of the GDPR.

Hosted on European servers.

Meet the most prestigious standards in the industry.

We save them

Direct connection
to the industry’s IT solutions.

We have adapted our software to the needs of hospitals and schools. Careboard and Interneo are directly connected to the most popular software.

BDoc, Pep, Wish StaffPlanner, XCare, H+

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