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“I had the opportunity to check if there were any other applications that met our needs, but Interneo was really the first choice for me. Since it’s been in place, the tool is super functional and easy to use, there didn’t have to be any IT training, because the platform is user-friendly.”

Françoise Joudart, ICANE - CHU Brugmann
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“We needed a tool that would enable us to perfectly visualize which training courses had been taken by each individual, in order to calculate the number of training hours completed per person. Formeo met this requirement. We have complete traceability of training, enabling us to know precisely which employee has which skill.”

Jeremy Mespouille, Groupement Jolimont

“With Opal Solutions, it’s a fine example of a public/private partnership, it’s a public contract for innovation before commercialization. So we join forces with an industrial partner to solve a business problem: we bring the use case, they bring their software development experience and, together, we develop a solution that we can then commercialize on this market, and make available to other players.”

Stéphane Odent, CHU Saint-Pierre

“When I started as ICANE, we were using Excel files. Each department had its own Excel file, and we had to retrieve the information and consolidate it into our main file. This was very time-consuming, so I looked for an alternative solution and discovered Interneo. We quickly got in touch with them and managed to convince management of Interneo’s usefulness. Since then, we’ve been using the system for 4 years now.”

CDLEAndreas Vervaeke, ICANE CDLE

Top-notch user support.

“At Opal Solutions we firmly believe in the importance of offering quality, human support to our users. We understand that for some, technology can seem complex, which is why we put in place a variety of resources to accompany our users every step of the way. We organize webinars to help you get to grips with our platform in an interactive and practical way. We also provide comprehensive documentation and detailed FAQs to answer all your questions.”

Jocelyn Wanzoul, User Support

A pleasure to contact you. Always responsive to my questions or nonsense.

Annick, Hospital user

Student user

Hugo, Utilisateur étudiant

The answers were quick and on time. A big thank you for what you do. You really help us in our daily lives.

Béatrice, Hospital user

Very good service, quick response, thank you very much for helping me.

Maxime, Student user

Always a very quick response with a suitable solution.

Pierre, School user

User satisfaction


Human contact and quick response

0 heures
temps de réponse

Very good responsiveness, perfect!

Karim, School user

I always find a solution to my question, whether it’s via FAQs, documentation or support.

Marella, Hospital user

Very efficient support! Thank you for your responsiveness.

Oxana, Hospital user

Excellent service, thank you for your response.

Chama, Student user

The answers are clear, precise and complete. We are very satisfied with our collaboration with Opal Solutions.

Noémie, Hospital user

They speak very highly of us.

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