Françoise Joudart, a nurse in charge of welcoming new recruits and students at Brugmann University Hospital, tells us about her experience with our Interneo internship management software.

In particular, she explains how this platform has transformed the management of internships in their establishment. Interneo, an internship management software platform designed for healthcare institutions, training institutions and students, has optimized communication, simplified administrative tasks and improved the experience of students on internships.

Managing placements before Interneo: Before Interneo was introduced, Françoise and her team used an Excel file to manage student placements. However, this method had several drawbacks. The shared file was not always consulted, leading to oversights and duplications. In addition, human errors were frequent. Françoise points out: “Without Interneo, it was a real nightmare. Bugs with Excel, oversights, duplicates, these were human errors.”

The arrival of Interneo: a revelation!

Françoise had recognized for some time that Interneo was the perfect solution for their internship management needs. After checking out other applications, Interneo proved to be the ideal choice. The tool proved to be functional, user-friendly and easy to use, requiring no special computer training. Françoise enthusiastically declares: “Interneo was really the first choice for me.”

Day-to-day benefits of Interneo: With Interneo, the team is now in direct contact with schools and students, enabling fast, efficient communication. Nurses have access to the information they need in real time, enabling them to manage their threshold and capacity. Françoise explains: “Interneo has made it possible to delegate tasks and recognize everyone’s responsibilities. The nurses can manage their placements themselves.”

The road travelled and the future with Interneo: Françoise emphasizes that once you’ve adopted Interneo, there’s no turning back. The platform has considerably reduced working time, but it is necessary for management to invest in this tool to take full advantage of it. It’s an essential investment in terms of time/value. Françoise asserts: “Now that we have Interneo, I can only go forward.”

Collaboration with Opal Solutions: Françoise highlights the collaboration with the team at Opal Solutions, the company behind Interneo. She emphasizes the responsiveness of their support, which responds quickly to users and requests for improvements. Françoise comments: “Working with the Opal Solutions team is really great!You can really feel the team behind making the changes.”

Interneo in three words: For Françoise, Interneo represents the future.

She describes the tool in these terms: “It’s Interneo, but it’s also the IT aspect behind the response to a precise need.” She emphasizes the convenience that the platform provides in terms of reduced working time, efficiency, speed and clarity.

Françoise also emphasizes the strong partnership with Opal Solutions and their commitment to meeting the needs of all involved.

In conclusion, the implementation of Interneo has turned internship management at Brugmann University Hospital on its head. Thanks to this specialized IT solution, the difficulties encountered with previous management methods have been overcome. The benefits are many: improved communication, simplified administrative tasks and a better experience for students on placement.With a team that listens to users, Interneo continues to evolve to meet the specific needs of hospitals, schools and students.For Françoise, Interneo represents the future of hospital internship management.

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