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Digitalize your training management and develop your institution.

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Joining Formeo means choosing to provide your team with a platform that responds flexibly to their aspirations and training needs, while strengthening their sense of belonging and opening the doors to internal mobility.

In this way, training becomes not only a strategic investment in your staff’s future, but also a powerful attraction for your establishment.

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Formeo, training management for nurses.

Mes formations Formeo

Time saving

We have made it simple. Import your courses, register in one click, consult your profile, agenda…

Management at all levels

Enhance the skills of your nurses while reducing training costs. Measure the impact of training in your care units while respecting your budget constraints.

Data in the cloud

Information is automatically saved and secured. Access your profile and courses from any device.

Statistics &

A clear and complete management dashboard: exportable data, updated in real time. Clear indicators to measure your training.

Skills mapping.

The right person, at the right time, in the right place.

  • Who in the institution has the skills we need ?
  • Who is able to acquire them more or less quickly ?
  • Where and by whom do we get these skills ?
Quelles compétences à quel endroit?

Direct connection to hospital IT solutions

Formeo integrates directly into the Careboard or Interneo ecosystem, if you have the necessary licenses. Our hospital training software connects to the solutions already used by your institution.

Jocelyn Wanzoul

Help at your
a click away

Our teams are available in one click via the help button in Formeo. Our employees are reactive and respond as quickly as possible, for the greatest satisfaction of our users.

Track the performance of your courses.

Combine the needs of your care unit with your training catalog and budget constraints.

Formeo, historique des formations infirmiers


Keep track of all your past and upcoming training courses. Get an overview of their planning, participants and organizers.

Févaluations des formations infirmiers

of participants

Increase employee engagement and improve your hospital’s image. Measure the impact of your training with evaluations.

taux de participation formations infirmiers


Anticipate the needs of your care unit. Adapt the planning and organization of training for your hospital.

Communication formations infirmiers


Between HR management, care units and participants. Strengthen the link between your employees.

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Our users are talking about Formeo.

“We were tired of using Excel files to track training. We decided to trust Formeo to simplify this process. Since we started using the platform, training management has become much less time-consuming. We also benefit from permanent access to data and statistics, which facilitates our analysis and enables us to make informed decisions.”

Training manager, CHU Saint-Pierre

“We needed a global view of the training provided in our establishment, as training management was fragmented by department. Formeo met our need by centralizing information and enabling effective coordination between the various departments. We now have greater consistency and an overview of all our training courses. Centralizing data saves us time and improves our training management.”


“We needed a tool that would enable us to perfectly visualize which training courses had been taken by each individual, in order to calculate the number of training hours completed per person. Formeo met this requirement. We have complete traceability of training, enabling us to know precisely which employee has which skill.”

Human resources, Groupe Hospitalier Jolimont

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