The hospital sector very quickly appeared as a sector with a great need.

Faced with a shortage of nurses and an increasing administrative workload, carers are increasingly overwhelmed. Opal Solutions offers innovative solutions to bring a breath of fresh air into hospitals and enable carers to refocus on their core business: providing care.

With a wealth of experience in big data and data analysis in various sectors, Xavier Rouby, our CEO, quickly focused on the hospital sector.

The #1 objective of Opal Solutions is to give back patient time to nurses!

The problem is simple: nurses are overworked. They spend more than 40% of their time on administrative tasks, instead of looking after patients.

If we can reduce this amount of time, we can recover a huge amount of time. That’s what we’re doing with our 3 solutions, Careboard, Interneo and Formeo.

Careboard uses artificial intelligence to find out how much work nurses have and how many nurses the hospital needs. No more guesswork or stress!

After that, we started to digitalise certain key processes that are very time-consuming, but from which we can derive a lot of value, for example with Interneo, which is a collaborative platform for managing work placements.

And Formeo digitises the management of continuing training. It allows trainers and carers to save time and be more efficient.

By combining these three solutions, Opal Solutions enables hospitals to reduce the administrative burden on nurses by 30%. Just imagine: more time for patients, better quality care and happier, more motivated nurses.

A winning bet that is part of a dynamic transformation of the hospital sector, for a more humane and efficient future.

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