The back-up management tool for nursing staff and temporary workers.

Simplify the management of your back-up requests and the assignment of your replacement staff.

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Externeo, the easy way to manage requests for internal and external reinforcements.

Efficiently manage mobile teams, spontaneous reinforcements, interdepartmental helpers and temporary staff from a single platform.

For healthcare institutions, nursing staff and temporary employment agencies.

Thanks to a single back-up management platform, you’ll never have to worry about your team being short-staffed again.

Externeo makes it easy to request reinforcements and assignments from your in-house or temporary staff. Ensure quality of care for your healthcare facility by finding available staff quickly.

A tool designed to improve your daily life.

Externeo was developed in collaboration with field staff to provide you with the best possible replacement management solution.

Continuity of care & cost optimization

Externeo analyzes requests for back-up and the availability of replacement personnel, enabling you to allocate resources more precisely. Our back-up management platform helps you reduce interim costs and boost your operational efficiency.

Digital transformation & standardization

Standardizing back-up requests and assignments facilitates administrative management. Our back-up management platform improves communication between temporary employment agencies and healthcare establishments, saving you time in the search for the right candidate.

Traceability & history

Traceability is at the heart of Externeo, providing a complete overview of the status of all requests, assignments and interactions. Thanks to a detailed history, you’re aware of the slightest change to your replacements.


Externeo stands out for its high degree of flexibility, integrating with your systems such as Staffplanner or PEP. This compatibility ensures efficient team management and smooth collaboration. No matter which tool you use, information will always be up to date, so there’s no need to double-code.

Organize the management of your requests for your institution.

Combine your facility’s staffing needs with your internal and external resources.


To manage your back-up requests and replacements. Externeo’s main dashboard lets you choose between a table or calendar view. You have a view on the evolution of reinforcement requests and on their completion.

History and detailed information

At any time, you can retrieve the history and details of a replacement request in Externeo. You can access information on the agent assigned to the request, as well as its status and modification history.

Daily requests

This view enables you to view requests day by day, and automatically match them to the availability of your in-house staff. If no agent is available, or if his or her availability does not match the requirement, you can send the request directly to the temporary employment agencies.

Managing your team

Invite your team members to create a network of replacements. All you have to do is enter their surname, first name, email address and qualifications, and an email will automatically be sent to them to create their account in Externeo.

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Externeo in 4 steps.

Externeo also designed for temporary employment agencies.

Features specially designed to manage temporary reinforcements.

With the aim of facilitating collaboration between establishments and agencies to combat staff shortages.

  • Automated cascade management
  • Replacement requests sent to specific agencies
  • Request and cascade status
  • Dedicated portal for temporary
  • Automatic reports and files

With Externeo, time-consuming processes are automated, saving you time in your search for the right candidate.

Responding to a growing need for nursing staff.

With the growing need for temporary staff, agencies were no longer able to keep up with the processing of requests. That’s why we developed Externeo in collaboration with them. Our aim was to provide them with a centralized platform to save time in processing requests for reinforcements, thus ensuring continuity of care.

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