Centralized management of care placement capacities.

Powerful features enable you to manage your resources efficiently and accurately.

Capacity management, a key element in coordinating internships.

This function involves defining and optimizing the capacity of the various care units for schools and sections. This ensures a balanced and efficient distribution of trainees.

This approach not only maximizes the use of available trainee resources, but also ensures an enriching internship experience for every student.

An equitable distribution of nursing internship places at territorial level.

Thanks to Interneo, the coordination of placement places is managed on a regional scale. This ensures a harmonious and balanced distribution of internship places, taking into account the needs and capacities of each region, or establishment.

Discover how Interneo boosts your facility’s capacity.

Optimized distribution

Interneo enables a fair and strategic distribution of available places for nursing internships. By allocating quotas precisely, each section can accommodate the optimum number of students, guaranteeing a high-quality internship experience for all.

Evolving quotas

Quotas on Interneo change over time. They are allocated specifically by training location, year of study and section. This flexibility ensures that resources are always optimally utilized, offering a distribution of internship places tailored to the requirements of each period.

Resource planning

Hospitals can see how many places are available and allocated in their facility. This transparency enables better planning and management of resources, avoiding overloads and ensuring that each care unit operates at full capacity without being overwhelmed.

Transform the management of nursing placements

Discover how Interneo is revolutionizing the management of nursing internships by optimizing capacity. With intuitive, efficient tools, you can precisely allocate places and improve regional coordination of internships.