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Shared internship management for hospitals, schools and students.

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Clinique Saint-Luc Bouge
Clinique Saint Pierre Ottignies
Hôpital Universitaire des enfants Reine Fabiola
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Institut Jules Bordet
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Join Interneo.

As a hospital, Interneo offers you the opportunity to join an innovative internship management platform that connects dozens of schools and healthcare establishments, facilitating the coordination of internships across a territory or network.

This centralized, streamlined collaboration optimizes the use of internship resources, strengthens partnerships between schools and hospitals, and helps to build loyalty and recruit future employees.

Internships created
Time saved

Interneo, a simplified internship management.

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Fast encoding

Reduce your nurses’ workload. Share administrative tasks with schools.

Direct communication

No more emails and phone calls. Interneo centralizes all information and facilitates the discussion.

Data in the cloud

Data is automatically backed up and secure. Manage your internships at any time on any device.

GDPR compliant

Throughout the internship management process and even in the event of unforeseen circumstances, Interneo respects privacy and GDPR.

For hospitals, schools and students.

Thanks to a unique internship management platform, ICANE, internship managers and students communicate within the same platform. Administrative work is divided by 5, focus on students’ needs.

Etudiant et ICANE

Direct connection to your internal tools

Interneo can connect to your hospital or school solutions. Improve your internship management process with your various internal tools.

Jocelyn Wanzoul

Help is just a click away

Our teams are available in one click via the help button present in Interneo. Our employees are reactive and respond as quickly as possible, for the greatest satisfaction of our users.

Reduce the administrative work involved in managing internships.

Less administrative work means more time for your interns. Enhance the quality of your internships and increase the attractiveness of your institution. See how you perform!

Evaluation étudiants Interneo


Track your interns and identify those your teams want to have as colleagues.

Gestion des horaires Interneo


Interneo allows transparent, simplified and centralized management of student schedules.

Gestion des stages Interneo


Simplified schedules, sorted by US, with easy information sharing and editing.

gestion des quotas Interneo

and Places

Indicative management of remaining places and quotas. The system informs but the user remains in control.

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Our users are talking about Interneo.

“Interneo is a time saver: it improves communication, we exchange less by email and it strengthens transparency between schools, students, ICANEs and care units.”

CDLEBénédicte Devleeschouwer, Clinique de l'Europe

“With COVID, we had to cancel and rearrange all the courses: it was complicated. Interneo really made it easier for us to communicate with the teams and the hospitals. Because of Interneo’s visibility and readability, it was much simpler: we didn’t have to do a lot of email exchanges.”

Haute école Leonord de VinciStéphanie Renard, VINCI

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