1 in 3 students want to stay in touch with their internship institution.

The importance of attractive training for nursing students

They have chosen to recruit differently and to look after the well-being of their students.

Where caring meets talent

Adopting the attractiveness module means choosing a human-centered strategy for recruiting nursing students. It enables you to detect and hire talent in harmony with your institution’s values. It transforms every internship into an opportunity to build committed, caring teams, paving the way for the future of healthcare.

Invest in your company’s future.

With Interneo’s Attractiveness module, you’re not just recruiting for today. It’s an approach that reflects not only a strategic vision, but also a deep commitment to the quality of care and well-being of staff.

Recruit with precision

With detailed assessments, you can identify and recruit trainees who share your company’s values and vision. This promotes retention of student nurses.

Promote kindness

Enhance trainees’ experience and commitment with constructive feedback, reinforcing their desire to be part of your team. Attractive internships for student nurses are essential for this.

Simplify recruitment

Our integrated tool gives you direct access to a pool of assessed, ready-to-commit talent, reducing the time and costs associated with traditional recruitment procedures. Student nurse recruitment policies can also be improved.

Build committed teams

By recruiting interns who already have a positive experience within your institution, you ensure rapid integration and a strong cultural fit.

A unique dashboard for managing your site’s attractiveness.

Listen, learn and evolve

Your satisfaction dashboard isn’t just a tool; it’s the pulse of your facility. It gives you a clear picture of the experience of both your trainees and your team, enabling you to quickly identify areas of excellence and those requiring special attention.

With the attractiveness module, every feedback becomes an opportunity for continuous improvement, reinforcing well-being within your institution and the quality of care offered.

Build a future where every member feels listened to, valued and motivated.

This dashboard gives you the insights you need to make informed decisions, fostering a positive and productive work environment.

Your feedback page: a bridge between evaluations and recruitment opportunities.

Turn every evaluation into an open door to new opportunities.

When evaluations reveal future colleagues

Interneo’s feedback page doesn’t just collect evaluations; it transforms them into genuine opportunities for growth. By matching trainees’ assessments with the needs of the establishment, this feature ensures optimal matching, promoting targeted and relevant recruitment.

Don’t let the right candidates slip away

When a match is identified, the magic happens: automatic e-mailing facilitates contact, eliminating delays and maximizing the chances of success. At the same time, the student’s training history is made available, providing an overview of his or her background and skills.

This comprehensive, automated approach not only ensures greater efficiency in the recruitment process, but also strengthens the connection between schools and tomorrow’s talent.

Take your recruitment to the next level.

Discover how Interneo’s Attractiveness module turns every internship into a recruitment opportunity. Thanks to a human-centered approach, you can recruit interns who are aligned with your organization’s values, and who will promote their commitment and well-being.