Operation and Process alignment

Together, let's create the IT solutions fitting to your needs

Opal Solutions

Opal Solutions: services

Opal solutions provides long lasting software for performance and cost reduction

Why choosing Opal Solutions ?

Healthcare & nursing

We manage nursing deparments, monitor activities and work load, organise intern recruitment and cut hiring & interim costs. Our management software suite for hospitals integrates existing data & software, display real-time activities and help organising the resource allocation.

Nine years of continuous collaboration with healthcare professionals.


Make projects reality.

You are the expert and know your needs. So, we guide you with pragmatism to make your projects come true. Our goals: reduce your costs and improve your performance. This is how we quickly deliver added value. Our consultants simplify and break down the tasks and the real needs.

Ten years of expertise and technology are our tools to deliver continuous value.


Dashboards & Reporting

Automate, Visualise, Decide

We integrate your data into efficient dashboards and automate your reportings. We leverage Business Intelligence as a powerful analysis, communication & decision tool. Run actions based on your data from accounting, finance, HR, marketing, sales or production departments.

Have a clear view on your staff, your sales, your business.


More than 10 years of experience in Healthcare. Decision-support tools, dashboards, reporting software, HR analytics, Business Intelligence... We reinvent the workload management. So that you can focus on your real work.
They speak about us...
Opal Solutions: values

You are at the heart of our values


We value full transparency in communications, projects, offers and contracts. Everything must be clear and openly discussed, because a mutual trust is essential to us.


Your organisation is built on human beings. Our solutions are developed to help all users in their daily work, to make computers and software serve your collaborators and customers.


We build our business relationships upon a top level of trust. Our customers are our partners in each project. Customer focus is our mindset, with mutual respect in each collaboration.

Let's work together

Opal Solutions: mission

Our team improves your processes, and implement software to increase your performance and productivity. How? By easing your work… i.e. we automate tasks, interconnect your databases, centralise your information and documents. We really simplify your way of working.

Have a clear view on your business and operations.

Stop guessing, do monitor, analyse and take decisions.

Recommendations & action plans

Align process with operations

First, we analyse your organisation, your vision and your needs. Then, we deliver action plans with recommendations, to optimise your work and increase productivity.

Tools for everyday work

Let the machine do the repetitive work

We install for you simple and efficient technologies, matching pragmatically to your ideal way of working. We make computers serve your staff and your customers.

Reportings & dashboards

Leverage your sleeping data.

We integrate your current databases and software. Then, we automate information flows and build live reportings on your activities. Data is turned into information through powerful dashboards. We combine agility with business intelligence.

Opal Solutions’ team have more than 10 years of experience in consultancy, data analytics and software development. Our team bring you actionable advises and pragmatic solutions, to improve your performance.

Your project with Opal Solutions starts here !

Let's talk, to awake your sleeping data, connect your information and improve your performance.

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