Imagine a hospital where every carer is at the top of their game. Is that a dream? Not at all! What’s the key? Ongoing training.

In the healthcare sector, the quality of care and the performance of teams depend on a number of factors, including ongoing training. And studies prove it: investing in staff training is a win-win situation! On the one hand, patients receive better and safer care. On the other, care teams are more motivated and fulfilled in their work.

So how does it work?

The impact of continuing education on the quality of care.

It’s simple: the more trained carers are, the more effective they are. Well thought-out training courses enable them to acquire new skills, improve in their field and keep abreast of the latest techniques.

The result? More precise care, fewer medical errors and better patient care.

Making the most of yout investment in continuing training

Training is expensive? Think again ! It’s a smart investment that saves hospitals money in the long terme. Fewer medical errors mean fewer complications and therefore lower long-term costs.

What’s more, well-trained employees are more productive and motivated. They miss less time and are less likely to leave the hospital. A real plus for the hospital’s performance and reputation !

Formeo: an ally for HR managers

Is managing training for all your staff a real headache? Not with Formeo! This revolutionary platform enables managers and the human resources department to play a key role in improving the skills of their team and to anticipate needs in terms of skills, training and recruitment.

The importance of a global view of skills to optimise resources: In a care environment where internal mobility is commonplace, it is essential to have a complete view of the training undertaken by each member of staff. This makes it easier to reorganise teams and identify the right people to fill certain positions.

Furthermore, in order to comply with legal obligations, it is essential to be able to prove that staff have undergone the necessary training to work. What’s more, some training courses may give entitlement to bonuses, which requires precise monitoring of each individual’s training history.

Finally, statistical analysis of training courses is crucial for drawing up an accurate annual report and making informed decisions. Formeo makes it easy to collect and export individual data, providing a comprehensive and detailed view of the skills acquired within the organisation.


Traceability to guarantee compliance and quality of care: Traceability of training is essential to meet accreditation requirements and legal obligations. As a manager, you need to be able to prove that healthcare staff have completed the training required to practise legally.

Formeo simplifies the management of the mandatory portfolio in which healthcare professionals record their skills and experience. Our platform makes it easy to maintain and update this portfolio electronically, providing complete and reliable traceability.

A valuable tool for the social report

The social report is an essential document that enables hospitals to measure their social performance. Data from Formeo helps to enrich this document by providing valuable information on staff skills.

Formeo is part of this approach, providing managers with valuable information to help them better understand the characteristics of the healthcare population. The data available on our platform encourages the setting of objectives and contributes to the transparency and understanding of human resources strategy.


Ongoing training represents a crucial investment for healthcare establishments wishing to guarantee the quality of care and the performance of their teams. Solutions like Formeo make it easier to manage training and enable hospitals to make the most of this investment.

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