Over the last few years, Interneo has become indispensable for all those involved in placements in hospitals and schools. Here’s a look at a fine example of collaboration between a hospital and a company.

A project led by CHU Saint-Pierre and Opal Solutions.

Interneo has become the best ally of hospitals and schools to help them in their management of internships. For a hospital like CHU Saint-Pierre that organizes more than 1000 internships and manages hundreds of students per year. The absence of a specific solution to the management of internships greatly contributes to the increase in staff workload.

At the beginning of our collaboration with CHU Saint-Pierre in 2018, our goal was to simplify the communication part towards the various partners of the hospital in order to facilitate the dissemination and centralise all the information related to the internships.

“Originally, Interneo was a web page that included quotas and internship constraints for the different schools linked to the hospital. Pretty quickly we thought it was interesting to create a common, shared space where everyone could directly do their encoding and internship applications. Both on the hospital side and the school side, centrally.”  Xavier Rouby

Interneo, the #1 tool for managing nursing internships.

Other institutions quickly joined us. Cliniques Universitaires Saint-Luc invited around ten schools to use the Interneo platform. Little by little, they in turn asked for new features to continue improving the platform.

With Interneo, Opal Solutions brings together all the different actors of the internship within a single platform.

This reduces repetitive tasks such as exchanging emails, making calls and sending files. Tasks are distributed between schools, hospitals and students. This includes applying for and accepting placements, as well as creating timetables.

Thus, we manage to reduce the administrative workload of all actors by almost 90%. All this time saved is then returned to the caregivers to care for the patient and to the teacher to care for their students.

In addition to improving and standardizing this process, trainees are directly assessed in the platform. In this way, care institutions directly identify the “good elements”. This allows them to create a real recruitment pool to meet the shortage of nurses with resources already assessed by the field.

Discover the advantages of the Interneo digital solution

How do we get time for patients?

No more Excel files and endless e-mail exchanges! With Interneo, everyone works on the same platform, saving precious time.

With a unique and centralized location, all actors involved in the organisation of internships have access to structured and up-to-date information. Including coordinators, supervisors, masters of practical training, ICANEs, managers, secretaries, heads of department, heads of hall, hygienists as well as collaborators of IT, logistics and human resources departments, etc.

Our participation in the Agoria Digital Society Awards

Thanks to our approach, Interneo was nominated in the eHealth category for the Agoria Digital Society Awards. This competition aims to highlight the collaborations between companies and public institutions working to improve the daily lives of citizens.

The awards ceremony will take place on December 1st. Click on the article below to discover the Agoria Digital Society Awards.

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