Time to take stock of the past year

This year of 2022 has been an incredibly rich and productive year for Opal Solutions. We are thrilled to be able to look back and see how much we have accomplished in the past 12 months.

We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the 17 new institutions that have placed their trust in our products and our company, as well as our more than 10,000 new users who have joined our solutions this year alone. We look forward to working with you and helping you improve the quality and efficiency of your healthcare.

Formeo a successful launch

Our training management platform that we launched at the beginning of the year is slowly making its way and has already been adopted by 3 institutions: CHIREC, Groupe Jolimont and CHU Saint-Pierre. In addition to the day-to-day organization of training, Formeo helps hospitals map and develop staff skills at the institutional level.

2022, the year of Interneo

13 new institutions joined the Interneo adventure this year. We have recorded an incredible number of new and returning internships encoded in the platform. Interneo alone has helped manage over 22,000 internships which represents over 242,000 internship days.

+ 13 client institutions (hospitals and schools)

+ More than 8700 new users

+ More than 22,000 internships created

+ More than 242,000 training days created

The start of September has given us a clearer picture of Interneo’s impact on the healthcare sector, whether it be for hospitals, schools or students, and we are proud of all that we have accomplished this year as a company.

We have launched new products and enhanced our existing services. We look forward to continuing to grow and develop as a company to continue to bring you solutions that fully meet your needs.

A year full of opportunities

In addition, we participated in many events and conferences this year, which allowed us to meet new people and share our ideas and expertise with a wider audience. We also had the opportunity to collaborate with many partners and contribute to many exciting projects.

Our participation in the SantExpo exhibition in Paris

SantExpo is the leading French event of the French Hospital Federation. This annual event brings together more than 25,000 healthcare professionals and more than 600 exhibitors. This year, in addition to participating as an exhibitor, our CEO Xavier Rouby had the opportunity to give a conference on the shortage of nurses and on the solutions already present and used in Belgian hospitals to remedy this problem.

Interneo nominated for the Agoria Digital Society Awards in the eHealth category

This event aims to highlight the collaborations between companies and public institutions that work to improve the daily lives of citizens. Even though we didn’t win, we are proud to have shown everyone in the industry how our internship management solution helps the daily lives of thousands of users.

Opal Solutions meets with Quebec

In early December, we went on a mission to Quebec. During this trip, rich in learning, meetings and conferences, we realized that the problems facing the care sector are identical on the other side of the Atlantic.

Whether it is the increase in workload, the lack of time or the shortage of nurses, meeting experts and actors from other countries is a real advantage to approach these problems with a new eye.

Our main orientations for 2023

The shortage of nurses is a growing problem in many countries, jeopardizing quality of care and patient safety. To address this, strategies to value and support nurses are essential.

By investing in their education (academic or continuing) and well-being through workload calculations, we can improve their motivation and retention. In addition, by paying special attention to their needs and creating a supportive work environment, we can help improve their professional and personal quality of life. In short, by valuing nurses across the entire care chain, we can combat the shortage of healthcare personnel and improve the quality of care.

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