With a current shortage of several thousand nurses, the COVID-19 crisis and the lengthening of studies for students, the lack of personnel is strongly felt.

We have developed a tool within our internship management software Interneo to facilitate and streamline the recruitment process.

Our solution helps you identify new talent to meet the shortage of nurses and facilitate their recruitment.

Fewer students are enrolling in nursing studies. A consequence of the lengthening of nursing studies? According to ARES first-year enrollment dropped by 20% between 2018 and 2019 and enrollment continues to decline with the COVID crisis.

In addition, 20% of nurses in Belgium want to leave their profession as a result of the pandemic, according to a study by Sciensano. This figure rises to 2.5 million nurses worldwide according to the WHO.

Why is it so difficult to recruit nurses?

The lack of attractiveness, recognition, conditions and workload complete the negative image of the nursing profession.

In addition, the salary of workers is not commensurate with their commitment and skills, especially since despite an additional year of study, new nurses are still considered to have a bachelor’s degree.

Traditional recruitment campaigns, often expensive, no longer attract young graduates and keeping hold of the right people after their internship is not always easy.

To help you, Interneo contains a tool to facilitate and lighten the recruitment process, directly included in our internship management solution.

Indeed, you have a potential recruitment pool made up of all the students who have completed an internship in your institution.

Présentation Infirmières

A recruitment module that meets the needs of the field

  • Student evaluation and follow-up

Caregivers evaluate students at the end of their placement. They can provide comments to describe their experience with the intern.

Hospitals have the ability to customize their evaluation criteria to match the vision and values of the institution.

  • Centralized information, contact information

All student evaluations are available for all internships the student has completed at a hospital.

All student information and contact information is just a click away.

  • Automatic email (if desired)

When creating their account, students can accept to receive recruitment proposals.

If a student matches your search criteria, their profile is forwarded to your recruitment department and an email is sent directly to them.

  • Scheduling Interviews

It is no longer necessary to schedule interviews with students during their internship. You can contact them afterwards and schedule an interview whenever you want.

The information available in the module allows you to create customized interviews to get to know your future recruits better.

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rangée d'infirmiers

The “Blouses Blanches” fund, a financial aid

To help hospitals, part of the “White Coats” fund must be allocated to the creation of jobs and the recruitment of nurses. In this way, the actors hope to reduce the number of available positions in hospitals and find new recruitment solutions for the years to come.

Conclusion: Get involved in recruitment with Interneo!

Involving your staff in the recruitment process creates additional motivation in the departments. Field users can evaluate their future colleagues and recruiters have first hand information to base their evaluations on.

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