The impact of time constraints on nurses’ workloads

According to a 2018 study conducted by Odoxa, a French polling institute, more than 60% of hospital staff feel they lack the time to properly perform their duties. Over the years, nurses have seen their workload increase and the budget cuts affecting hospitals are not improving their working conditions.

What nurses regret most is not being able to spend enough time with patients. The quality of the relationship and the trust that develops between them and the staff has a significant impact on the quality of care.

Infirmiere et Patient

Thanks to a study conducted by the University of Antwerp in 2019, we know that 50% of unexpected deaths in hospitals are due to understaffing. Going out to meet with patients allows us to better understand their needs, adapt their treatment and raise their awareness.

Although hiring new staff is the easiest way to solve these problems, not all hospitals have the budget to do so. A lack of organization as well as an imbalance between care time and administrative tasks are also factors in the increase of workload and the de-motivation of caregivers.

Opal Solutions aims to provide a fulfilling environment for all nurses.

Digital solutions to optimize time and improve quality of care

Technology is a fantastic ally for medical and nursing staff. It helps you get organized and reduce the impact of low value-added tasks. No more paper, now it’s digital!

→ Get better organized

Communication, sharing and visibility of information are major time-saving assets. They allow you to lighten procedures and make decision making more fluid.

You make fewer mistakes and find information more quickly. This precious time saved can be devoted to those who need it most: the patients.

→ Get rid of low value-added tasks

These tasks are a real drag on care execution and staff management. Reducing repetitive and time-consuming actions frees up staff and reduces hospital costs. The goal is to improve working conditions and the patient and employee experience within the institution.

Infirmiere et enfant

Reduce the burden of administrative tasks with Interneo

The current methods used to manage internships in many hospitals have hardly changed since the advent of digital technology. In recent years, some institutions have decided to move to a fully digital solution.

“Interneo has allowed us to have a holistic view, an overview of all the students that are in the hospital. It’s allowed us to increase our capacity to take on interns. We were able to work with many more Belgian and foreign schools for Erasmus. It was impossible to do it with our paper sheets.” Michèle Delecluse

With Interneo, the sharing of tasks between hospitals, schools and students saves you precious time. All internship and student information becomes accessible in a few clicks by all parties.

“Interneo has greatly reduced the administrative burden that has no added value for the school and the hospital. Everything is done practically in a click, it’s an infinite time saver.” Carine Lambeau

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Interface Careboard

With Careboard, facilitate the decision making

You have real and objective data in addition to the feeling of the field teams to make your decisions. Information exchange and communication are placed at the center of the team process.

“With feedback, communication is back. You can feel the dynamism and everyone is involved.” Isabelle Fontenelle

You see the status of your care units and the workload of your nurses at any time. Keep an eye on your statistics and make forecasts to best manage your resources.

“Before, I used to walk through the units, say hello to the patients and continue. Now when a patient calls on me, I take the time to talk because I know I have the time.” Christiane Van Loo

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