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Interneo is a collaborative platform for managing internships and trainees in the hospital.

Centralize your information and communications in one tool. Improve your privacy management at all stages of the internship management process. Connect your third-party software through our API.

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The power of the cloud without limits

Interneo is a SaaS platform (“Software as a Service”), in other words a web software, accessible from a browser such as Firefox or Chrome. The interface is “responsive”, which means it automatically adapts to all screen sizes: computer, TV, tablet, smartphone. The tool is accessible online, on wifi or via mobile data.

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Message support

Technical support for the IT department and all Interneo users

By contacting our technical support, you always have the option of recovering data deleted in error, or learning how to configure Interneo for your institution and the way you work. Check out our detailed FAQs and self-service support videos. We use a ticketing system to keep track of your technical requests and those of your colleagues.

An API and detailed documentation to simplify your integrations with Interneo

An API is available to technical users for integrations with third-party software and for interoperability. Among the implementations already in place, there is for example the automatic export of data to QlikView or Careboard software. Our complete documentation is available here.

Interneo stands out because it is a business software specific to the health sector: schools, universities, hospitals, clinics, care facilities… The experience of our employees and our past projects have allowed us to accumulate in-depth knowledge of the field, its processes, its constraints, as well as the business software in place.

La documentation technique complète de l'API d'Interneo est disponible sur Postman
GDPR compliant
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Your data kept safe and secure

Our servers (application, data, backups and failover) are all located on European territory, with the corresponding guarantees for the correct treatment of information according to the constraints of the RGPD (European Data Protection Regulation). Interneo satisfies the most pronounced expectations in terms of privacy management, and offers you a much more complete control by finally getting out of the duo “e-mails and flat files”. Interneo organizes the processes, the collection of consents, the traceability, the limitation of accesses… Our hosting is qualified by the Health Data Hosting (HDS) level. Contact us if you have any questions!

Download the technical documentation of Interneo.

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