When the virus first appeared, healthcare personnel had to adapt and invent new practices. Indeed, the explosion of the COVID-19 epidemic implied the implementation of new management and steering processes, through measurement, monitoring and communication tools.

“We realized that the caregivers were somewhat helpless. Every day, they had to go around the different rooms, collect information, etc. We therefore sought to develop our tool and created a first COVID module.”
Xavier Rouby, CEO of Opal Solutions.

Our team designed this module to provide hospitals with effective measurement tools for monitoring infectious cases, directly in Careboard.

Predicting the evolution of the number of cases allows to organize the teams in an efficient way and to anticipate the opening of new COVID units.

Features of Careboard’s Covid-19 module

  • Thanks to data collection, you have an overview of your hospital and care units. You can allocate your resources and send teams to the right place at the right time. It also helps you manage admissions and patient transfers based on available beds, etc. In short, you have all the information you need in real time and automatically, 4 times a day accessible on a computer or smartphone.


Unités de soin Careboard

–>You save time and facilitate the work of the nursing departments.

Journal Careboard
  • With the “crisis management” dashboard, you can follow the global evolution by unit, by site and by day:
    COVID-19 cases,

    • deaths,
    • absenteeism of medical staff,
    • as well as any other data you want to track (available beds, emergency room visits, etc.)
Module Covid19 Careboard
  • The daily sending to Sciensano of complete and verified data of entries, exits and deaths, four times a day, is automated. The solution implemented saves precious moments by facilitating the work of the nursing departments in a complicated period.
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