How Opal Solutions gives time to nursing staff

The problem is clear: nursing staff are overworked. Lack of time, repetitive tasks, staff shortages… the challenges are many. That’s why Opal Solutions has set itself the mission of simplifying the work of nurses by exploiting modern technologies and the data available in hospitals.

The remedy for giving time back to nursing staff is to automate, distribute activities as effectively as possible across the various members of staff and simplify certain tasks.

Innovative solutions to improve the quality of care

One of the keys is to be able to measure activity as objectively as possible in order to allocate staff to the right places.

With Careboard, we can identify the hotspots of activity in the hospital, both now and in a few days’ time. This intelligent software analyses activity in real time, enabling managers to allocate human resources in the best possible way. No more situations where some departments are overloaded while others are short of work!

Our software is primarily analytical, but we’re convinced that the best way to find out if someone is overwhelmed is to ask them. That’s where we get our sense of the workload!

Careboard doesn’t just look at the figures. It also takes into account the feelings of staff, a crucial element in effective team management. Nurses are in the best position to know when they are overworked.

Feedback is just as important a part of team management as the automatic calculation of workloads.

Opal Solutions is convinced that its innovative approach can significantly improve the well-being of nurses and the quality of patient care. With its experience and passion, the start-up is well on the way to becoming a major player in the transformation of the healthcare sector.

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