Internship management

Simplify internship requests
and hire the right collaborators

Interneo is a internship management platform for schools and hospitals

Interneo is a internship management software for schools and hospitals

Simplify internship management

Accept internship requests in one click

Interneo is a central platform, where you can:

  • Collect internship requests.
  • Connect schools, hospitals and students.
  • Plan and schedule.
  • Simplify paperwork.

We organise every aspects of the internships.

Consequently, you can easily handle more requests. And faster than ever.

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Keep the best students

Identify the interns to hire

Keep track of your interns, of their behaviour and of their skills.

Are you looking for new collaborators, nurses, assistants ?

Since you spend hundreds of hours in internships, since you host hundreds of interns every year,  just keep the information now and hire later. So you cut hiring costs.

Collect and keep your experience about your interns.
And you will save now for the future.

Trainees as useful resources

Increase your internship hosting capacities

Let the system prepare the planing and the schedule. Just set up your quotas and availabilities, and Interneo wil fill in the blanks.

Interneo optimises your hosting capacity:

  • Dynamic per-unit quotas.
  • Automatic timeslot allocation.
  • Human validation.

This is as simple as clicking on the “Accept” button.

And you will get more experienced interns.




Interneo considerably simplified the management of internships in our hospital.  There are less e-mails and phone calls. There is now one standard for all requests, so everyone save a lot of time in document management. The automatic allocation also improved our performance. First of all, we have been able to process two times more requests than before, in 10% of the time. Moreover, automation allowed us to increase our hosting capacities from 800 to 2000 students in one year. This is a real success!

We are now able to host more trainees than ever. The platform automatically plans the resources, using the predefined quotas. The computer suggest… And our nursing department just needs just to validate… in 1 click !

Central platform for schools, hospitals and students

Collaboration made easy

Internship management involves trainees, nurses, administration, HR, IT, supervisors, managers.

Interneo organises this collaboration. First, you find easily the information and the documents. So, you need less phone calls, e-mails and meetings. Thus, collaboration is made easy.

Interneo preserves your quotas for hosting capacities. It suggests slot allocations, in order to optimise intern hosting. The requests from trainees and schools are validated in one click.

This is how we improve the collaboration between schools, hospitals and students.

Interneo is a central communication platform for internship requests.

  • Manage all agreements and legal documents
  • Manage working documents as well
  • Organise schedules and plan resources

Since you find all information in one place, you organise less meetings and calls.

So your productivity will improve.

Co-developed with healthcare and education professionals, schools and interns

Managing 8000+ internships in 5 years

First of all, we have been developing Interneo in agile collaborations. With schools, supervisors, students, nurses, HR managers and IT departments. We love to get user feedback, and advices from healthcare and education professionals.

This is why Interneo has been used daily for the last 5 years. We have been organising more than 8000 internships, from 50 schools and institutions.

It is because we, at Opal Solutions, want always to improve our products. In order to make your workday more effiencient and more productive.



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