Tasks, Role, Objective
As an essential contributor to our team, you will start by carrying out in-depth Market Intelligence: collecting, analyzing and structuring Belgian market data in our CRM. Your key role will be to create a repeatable information gathering process, feeding the CRM and our knowledge base. You will continue with competitive analysis (Benchmarking) to keep Opal up to date with our competitors’ practices, approaches and pricing. Finally, you’ll optimize our sales funnel by innovating to reduce the duration of a sale and increase the value captured.

Profile needed

  • Passion for researching and structuring information, with a creativity that drives you to devise innovative strategies to achieve objectives.
  • Excellent presentation and ease in professional interactions, comfortable on the phone and by email. A good level of Dutch is an asset.
  • Strong ability to establish human relations with various stakeholders, from users to colleagues.
  • Strong team spirit, working closely with the company’s CEO.
  • Strong interest in startups and their flexible but demanding way of working, demonstrating motivation, proactivity and organization.
  • Quickly autonomous, with a willingness to ask questions for continuous learning.

Enriched by this experience, you will actively participate in prospecting and sales meetings, as well as organizing events for prospects and customers, in collaboration with the marketing team.