What is the real workload of your staff?

This is not a secret that working in a hospital is tiring and stressing. But how can you know whenever it is too much for your staff? How much time would it take you to get to know that?

Always wondered how your staff felt? Wonder no more.

As a nurse, you’re supposed to be able to work under pressure. However, sometimes, there is just too much for one to handle. At these moments, it is imperative to get some reinforcement as soon as possible.
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But how can you know whenever it is too much for your staff?

Careboard predicts the workload of each care unit so it is easier and faster for them to get some assistance.

The predicted workload

Because getting to know how your teams are going day by day is difficult but nonetheless important, we develop customized dashboards based on your data. This way, you can keep track of the workload in your hospital in real-time.

Careboard automatically extracts data from your existing human resource programs in order to plan the schedule of your staff and predict their workload.

workload section of Careboard's dashboard

To calculate the predicted workload, Careboard compares 2 decisive factors:

Number of hours to be executed

  • working hours of the staff (nurses, interns, …)
  • absenteeism

Number of hours needed

  • depends of several criteria.


Each care unit having different needs, each care unit has their own criteria.

The feelings wheel

The feelings wheel sort of is like the mirror of the predicted workload. It has the same display but will appear to the rest of the hospital only if someone from the care unit picked a feeling. Indeed, even though we try our best to provide you the most accurate estimation, no information technology will know better than humans how they truly feel.

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In case those 2 wheels display different workload overtime, it is possible for the hospital to update the workload needed per patient.
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In addition, each care unit has a diary to enhance the situation with words.

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