Heathcare management suite

Thanks to more than 8 years of agile collaboration, we have been developing a management software suite for administrations, hospitals and nursing departments.
  • 8 years of continuous operation
  • 100+ care units monitored hourly
  • 2000+ users
  • 8000+ internships
  • co-created with healthcare professionals

From custom solutions to a management software suite…

First, we started by developing custom solutions for nursing departments. First automated reportings and data collection forms. Our dashboards have been running for years, providing real-time data on the performance of nursing departements.

8 years of continuous operations

A suite made by healthcare professionals

Thanks to this continuous development, we have turned our solutions into a suite of management software. Careboard and Interneo have been developed in collaboration with care unit managers, hospital directors and nurses. This is what makes this management suite so unique.

Take the pulse of your hospital

Careboard is a unique suite to manage your nurse departments, clinics and hospitals. It is a web platform collecting data, for resource planing and allocation. This is how Careboard helps you organise your staff, monitor your workload and get realtime feedback from care units.

Feel the heart beats of your organisation.

careboard, from our hospital management suite
  • Staff monitoring and real-time feedback tool
  • Resource allocation and mobile unit management
  • Workload reporting and forecast
  • Bed occupancy rates
Internships made powerful

Interneo is a common platform for students, schools and healthcare institutions. Manage your internships easily, know your interns, organise the schedules, allocate resources and hire the right persons. Interneo is part of our suite of hospital management software.

Turn internships into an asset.

interneo, internship management | Opal Solutions software suite
  • Manage internships, documents, calendars
  • Hire the right students
  • Know who is where and when
  • For students, schools and hospitals

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