From data transparency to developing new skills, technology is enabling us to achieve new common goals. It’s pushing us to rethink our relationship to work.

The main advantages of digitalization

First of all, it allows flexibility: employees work more remotely, whether at home or on the way to work. They need to have access to the necessary information and documents at any time.

Healthcare workers are no exception: 40% of them (according to a study by the eHealthMonitor) use their smartphone and 20% use their tablet for their daily tasks.

Taking this information into account, the various software applications must be simple, ergonomic and designed by and for the field.

This is why Careboard and Interneo adapt to all screens to accompany nurses in this new autonomy.

Careboard mobile

Careboard mobile

Secondly, digitization helps to reduce the workload by automating repetitive tasks and reducing the risk of error. By reducing the number of re-encodings, the available data is reliable and allows decisions to be made quickly, in line with the realities on the ground.

“On a daily basis, we use many separate applications and we have to dig to find the information in the right place. This wastes time and quality.

The advantage of Careboard is that the software brings together all the information we need. It’s time saved!”

Isabelle Fontenelle, ICS CHU Saint-Pierre

Tips for a successful digital transition

First of all, digital technologies are only effective when all users understand their usefulness and make good use of them. In this respect, the digital solution must correspond as much as possible to the real needs of the field in order to get everyone’s support.

Then, to further increase your chances of success, it is necessary to provide all employees with sufficient information and documentation. A training session can sometimes be useful to go in depth or to remove the vagueness on certain functionalities or to calm a potential fear (in front of the digital or in front of the change).

Xavier Roubyfondateur d’Opal Solutions ©Anh Sophie Noël, Anh SN |Vision

At Opal Solutions, we work in collaboration with field personnel to adapt our software to the specific needs of each establishment. Our support team is available and easily accessible to find solutions to your problems together.

It is thanks to your know-how that we develop efficient and adapted tools!

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