Major advances in digitalization

Enriched flexibility

Adapting to the digital world for healthcare professionals.

In the age of digitalization, professionals can now carry out their tasks remotely, at home or on the move. Instant access to crucial information and essential documents has become a necessity. The eHealthMonitor study reveals that 40% of healthcare professionals use their smartphone and 20% their tablet for their daily activities. To respond to this transition, it is essential to develop solutions that adapt to all types of screens, accompanying professionals into this new era of autonomy.

Increased efficiency and reduced workload

Transforming care through automation.

Digitization also means automating tedious, repetitive tasks. Not only does this reduce workload, it also reduces the risk of human error. By minimizing re-keying, the data available becomes more reliable, enabling decisions to be taken quickly and in line with reality on the ground. Isabelle Fontenelle of CHU Saint-Pierre testifies: “Careboard has changed the game by bringing all this information together in one place, saving significant amounts of time.”

Strategies for a Successful Digital Transition


The importance of stakeholder commitment.

The effectiveness of digital technologies depends on the commitment of everyone involved. A digital solution must respond precisely to the needs of the field in order to arouse the enthusiasm of all users.

Training and communication

The key role of training and communication. Maximizing the chances of success.

To maximize the chances of success, clear communication on the benefits of the digital transition is essential. Providing employees with detailed information and relevant documentation is essential. Appropriate training can also prove crucial in deepening understanding and overcoming apprehension about digital technology and change.


Digitization in the healthcare sector transcends mere technological innovation. It is redefining the way professionals interact with data and simplifying complex processes. By fully embracing these changes, we can improve efficiency, quality of care and the experience of both professionals and patients.

Careboard mobile

Careboard mobile

At Opal Solutions, we work closely with our field staff to adapt our software to the specific needs of each facility. Our support team is available and easily accessible to help you find solutions to your problems.

It’s thanks to your know-how that we’re able to develop high-performance, customized tools!

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