Allocate resources, track work load, get feedback

Monitor the health of your hospital
in real time

Careboard, the nursing department management platform

Careboard is a full management suite for nursing departments and hospitals

Monitor care units and nurses

Take the pulse
in one click

Careboard shows you in numbers, in dashboards and in reportings :

  • your patients, and their flow
  • your nurses, assistants, interns
  • forecasts on workloads
  • daily events

We have a clear view on the bed occupancy, the patient flow and the nurse availability

careboard care unit dashboard
Feelings & feedback on work life

The heart beats
of your staff

Careboard is a powerful communication tool

  • get feedback
  • request help from mobile units
  • report & log activities
  • monitor happiness at work

We get now realtime feedback from the field

Directors, Heads of departments and managers have got a real-time view on the institution

Monitor the real life of your hospital

From each single care unit to the whole hospital

  • Predicted workload
  • Patient fluxes and resource availability
  • Feelings on workload
  • Absenteeism monitoring
  • Resource planning and allocation

Thanks to Careboard, we are able to allocate “mobile units” based on real data from the care units.
We became a “interim-free” hospital, saving huge hiring costs.

We allocate dynamically resources and FTE, based on true workload in care units. We have a better view on the absenteeism as well.

We measure in Careboard the predicted and real workloads for good forecastings. We collect nurses’ feelings 3x a day about these predicted efforts.

Identify the units in rush, support them with your "mobile unit"

Allocate your own resources

Save costs on interim

Use your current workforce and resources in an optimal way, based on real-time information on you care unit status.

Careboard mobile unit dashboard
  • Identify the hotpost and care units needing help, with temporary high work load.
  • Careboard help you send temporary support and allocate your support nurse team to the right care units.
  • Monitor your resource availability : nurses, assistants, interns
  • Monitor your bed occupancy, care needs and patient flow

Based on true numbers, reflecting the work reality in your nursing department.

Interconnect your software and databases

Awake your sleeping data

Careboard relies on real data from your service and hospital

  • Careboard makes the connection to your HR software, care databases.
  • It integrates to the resource planners and the staff allocations.
  • We use the full statistics available for the last 10 years.

Because we know patient needs depend on each care unit.

You are healthcare professionals, not geeks

Less IT, more cares

  • We automate reportings and statistics.
  • We simplify communications.
  • We connect to existing database.
  • We use your full data systems.

To let you focus on your work and your passion: patients and cares

Careboard makes the connection to your HR software, care databases. It integrates to the resource planners and the staff allocations. It sends notifications and integrates into your computing environment.

We put a strong focus on privacy and security, software availability, usability and user experience.

At Opal Solutions, we build software for humans and non IT experts. To make your work life easier.


Co-developed with healthcare professionals

Running for 8 years in hospitals

We have been developing Careboard in agile collaboration with nurses, hospital directors, care unit managers. 

Careboard has been used daily for 10 years by 1000 users, monitoring care units in nursing departments and full institutions.

Request a demo

Let's discuss to deploy Careboard into your hospital
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Opal Solutions’ healthcare suite includes Interneo as well, our intership management software. Discover how interneo helps you get the full benefits of your interns.

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